mold management


"The MOLD in your home may be DEADLY!"

About fifty million Americans are affected with flu-like symptoms, asthma or allergy sensitivity. Many of these symptoms are related to an intolerance to mold exposure, where exposure breaks down the immune system over time.

"We have found that mold exposure was the cause of these symptoms 93% of the time"

NewsWeek: 2000

"Stachybotrys or Black Mold causes lung infections, abdominal pains, respiratory problems, sore throats and other illnesses"

Daily News: September 18, 2002


The Ed McMann and Erin Brockovich cases have recently exposed extensive mold damage to public awareness.

Have you ever noticed any visible signs of mold? Flu-like symptoms?


  • Moldy smell
  • Evidence of water seepage or penetration on your walls, floors or ceiling
  • Evidence of conditions that could allow water seepage penetration
  • Defects in the construction of your home
  • Dirty or poorly maintained air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Improperly fastened vents

Member of International Association of Mold Management

A current test result can give you the prospect of better health condition in your home, and peace of mind knowing what does or does not breed within the walls of your home.


  • 48 hour results by a Ph.D.
  • Remediation
  • Storage
  • Sanitation