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"Borates" for Foam Injections

Foam injection is the preferred localized treatment for termite elimination!

American Scientific Mold, Pest, and Termite Control has perfected its Borate Foam Injection System making all other methods of localized termite elimination antiquated!


Is foam injection cost effective? YES!

It is usually less than fumigation for a local treatment.

Foam injection is the best cost-effective alternative, and many times, the superior treatment for drywood termite control.

Foam injection systems have now been out for several years and reports are all positive. This system is by the most effective localized treatment available in the industry. It works by injecting a borate-based salt directly into the wood where localized infestations are detected. The foam penetrates the wood and is able to reach inaccessible areas as well. Another advantage to the Borate foam injection is that it also leaves a residual effect and American Scientific Mold, Pest, and Termite Control guarantees its foam injection treatments for FIVE YEARS!

Borates are also low-toxic, non-odorous and effectively prevent and kill all drywood and subterranean termites, and all other wood destroying insects, as well as fungus, and also prevents dryrot. Borates leave behind no toxic lingering effects to you or your household and is 100% environmentally safe!

With the American Scientific Mold, Pest, and Termite Control Borate Foam Injection System there is no need to move out or bag your food, and there is also no damage to your roof, plants or furnishings.

American Scientific Mold, Pest, and Termite Control has specially trained and licensed termite operators specializing in foam injection treatments to offer the best application in the industry.

Foam injection treatments are universally accepted for all escrows and loans.

Call now for an inspection and receive a state-regulated report detailing the findings and recommendation for the ideal treatment and elimination of your active termite infestations.